Want to explore the world? Be a traveling professional

Have you been looking to the sky lately, wondering what else there is to see in the world? Have you been wondering where your career is taking you? You should consider becoming a traveling professional. In this modern era, there has never been greater opportunities to travel and work in another country, bringing all the excitement and adventure you could ever want.Ask yourself:

  • is working within a new city (or even country) the exciting adventure you’re looking for?
  • will there be career benefits for you?
  • will there be plenty of nearby travel opportunities?

You’ll find that the answer to these questions is a resounding “Yes!”. Continue reading and I’ll tell you exactly why – I’ll show you how these questions will drive your passion for an exciting new adventure.

What is a traveling professional?

A traveling professional (also known as: expat, expatriate) is someone that has left their home city or even country, in pursuit of professional and travel opportunities. It allows them to explore the world without sacrificing their career. In fact, if done correctly, they actually improve and build on their career while traveling. For example, an IT expert from Australia can deliver their expertise in Germany or Scotland. Or, a medical doctor from the United States can practice being a mentor to trainees in New Zealand. Isn’t that amazing?

Of course, there are many benefits to becoming a traveling professional, particularly if you begin to taking advantage of it as a means to explore the world.

Are there benefits to working overseas?

Gaining international experience within your chosen profession will be highly valuable. In addition to giving your resume colour and character, it demonstrates that your skills are desirable all over the world. It also proves numerous strengths within you; that you are interested in other cultures, actively seek new challenges and are adaptable. Depending on where you go, you’ll also pick up new capabilities, including new language and communication skills, plus international and cultural knowledge. All of these will portray you as a well-rounded and desirable candidate.

Undoubtedly, a new city will also have immeasurable benefits in revitalizing your livelihood. With an array of attractions and countless local districts to explore, you’ll have plenty of brand new weekend adventures to embark on. There’s nothing like the feeling of discovering something for the first time!

If you pick an ideal location, there’ll also be other new sightseeing opportunities close by. As someone who grew up in Australia, for example, any city within the UK could be a great choice. As the rest of Europe is easily accessible, it’s easy to escape to Spain or France for the weekend. On the other hand, if you grew up in Europe, you could entertain a working stint in sunny California, or the coasts of Australia – home to some very warm climates and great beaches. The world is full of surprises and endless places to explore.

What are the complexities?

If you’re convinced and ready start a new suitventure (professional career adventure), excellent! There are of course, many important life considerations. You may need to uproot your immediate family or partner, leaving your extended family and friends behind, and countless logistical challenges. It’s a significant life decision that will require good planning.

At a high level, here’s what you need to think about:

  • where are your dream work locations?
  • is your (next) desired job available there?
  • will your partner and/or family be just as excited and capable to move with you?
  • approximately how long do you think you’d want to travelwork?
  • are current or future kids a consideration?
  • does all of the above make financial sense?

Don’t worry – SuitVenture.com is here to guide you! I’ll help you with every single one of these, in articles to come very soon.

Something important to mention now however, is the financial implications. It costs money to live. It costs even more to relocate and travel regularly. Salary for your new job will vary depending on the economy in your target country, in comparison to your usual currency. You want to ensure that one day when you return home, the money you’ve earned overseas is worth as much as you’d expect. Current and future currency exchange rates are a vital consideration, and I’ll talk about that more in future.

How can I get started?

Start by Googling and soul searching – the results will surprise you. Making a shortlist of potential work destination is definitely a fun pasttime. Which new location would bring you happiness and adventure?

After you’ve worked out a shortlist of your dream locations, find local jobsites and peruse the results. You don’t want to diminish your career progression to-date, so ensure that you filter down to roles that are at least as good as your current role. You should also try engaging recruiters in your hometown and target country; they have excellent insights into the job market – and they’re often free or simply take a commission when you find a role.

As an alternative, find lists of top companies in your target area. For example, here’s a list of the highest revenue companies in Europe. Browse through each relevant company’s roles on their job site, and see what interests you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s much more advice to come. Stay tuned on SuitVenture.com and @suitventure.