Learn how to work abroad in 10 minutes

If you are a passionate traveler, then travel is not an occasional activity – it’s a lifestyle choice. You can plan and optimize your life to enable that travel lifestyle. Here’s how to get started.

Avoid spending your life savings while traveling

Backpacking or holidaying around for a few months is a great experience. However, financially you’ll be back at square one without an income unless you become a digital nomad. You want to be able to travel as much as possible, don’t you? Instead, consider that you can continue your career by working abroad, while exploring many new destinations in your evenings and weekends. You will turn your professional career into a travel experience and become what’s known as an expat or expatriate. As an expat, your wealth and career will continuously grow – much like your travel experiences.

Learn how to save money in everyday life, which is applicable no matter where you live.

Understand requirements for working abroad

With passion and the right strategy, almost anyone can work overseas in an exciting new place. Importantly, there are a number of requirements such as a passport and work permit – depending on your circumstances, it may take some time for you to achieve them. Your greatest advantage will be a degree combined with unique professional skills that international employers are willing to pay for. If you don’t have that degree or unique professional skillset (yet), you will have less options for working abroad. It’s never too late to obtain a degree or upgrade your professional skillset – the right ones can offer many new opportunities in life.

It’s also extremely vital to have a clean police record, as many countries will run criminal checks when you apply to work there. Finding work permission in a given country however, will be the most difficult requirement. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. A “working holiday” permit, usually for people 30 or under (often requires an application fee, but importantly no particular skills)
  2. A work permit, for skilled professionals such as IT, engineering, finance and more

Your strategy for obtaining permission to work will depend on the country you wish to live and work in.

Identify where you’d like to work abroad

Where is your dream work location? Consider the culture, weather and your other interests. As beautiful as the Maldives can be, job prospects may be limited. Language barriers may also be an important factor. Here’s a guide on how to pick your next career work destination.

Of course, you must combine these considerations with the global demand of your profession.

Determine if your profession is in demand

Some careers, for example Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) are in high demand globally. Most countries have special immigration work permits for people with uniquely employable skills. You can then find an employer than will support (sponsor) you to work in that country. You’ll need to research your profession to see if that is the case, by searching “jobs abroad as <profession> in <country>”. You’ll certainly find people and communities with similar experiences to share.

You should also check local and international job websites to determine whether there are enough employers offering a salary that is right for you. It’s certainly easier to travel when you earn more. Indeed, Seek and Monster for example are usually great places to start, however don’t forget to search for some local job boards of your target country too.

Make working abroad a reality

At this point, you have all the information you need to begin your journey to working abroad. Make it happen. Have a work permit strategy? Begin applying to jobs (here’s how you can win that international job offer).

If you don’t meet your target country’s work permit requirements and you want to make this happen, then don’t be disheartened – you still can. Set some goals for yourself to study and/or gain professional work experience in a field you’re interested in, that is eligible for work abroad. See a career counselor and get in touch with expat communities for your target country. Above all else, never give up – it will take months or even years, but you can turn your career into a travel dream.

Want to know how I found work abroad? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to share my story and help you.

Take action and work abroad now

You can work abroad. It simply takes time, research and energy. You can get started now:

  1. Decide where you want to live, explore and work abroad
  2. Learn about their work permits (and assess your eligibility)
  3. Search (and apply for) jobs
  4. Apply for the work permit
  5. Plan your relocation (here’s a guide for relocating abroad)

Now, hopefully after these 10 minutes you have a good idea of what it takes to work abroad and enable a future lifestyle of travel as an expat.

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