Work overseas with this 4 step plan

How to work overseas as an expatriate – a trending question in an age where traveling has never been easier. I recently moved overseas by migrating from Australia to the other side of the planet, an opportunity to build my career while traveling often. You can do it too, the sky is the limit!

An interesting fact is that an estimated 52 million people (source: finaccord) of the world’s population are expatriates – professionals working somewhere other than their place of birth. It can be for a number of reasons: economic or career growth, a sense of adventure, or simply for a change in scenery. There are lots of other benefits to working overseas when you explore the world as a traveling professional.
So what are you waiting for? Continue reading and learn how you can plan to work overseas.

1. Choose where you’ll work overseas

The first step is to consider where you actually want to continue your career overseas. Your new location could be based on lifestyle choices, weather preferences or cultural interests. There are many job-filled cities to choose from – here’s how you can pick your next career work destination. Don’t forget to discuss the options with any family that will be joining your adventure! If you’re one of the increasing number of households with two or more career-driven people, they’ll need convincing too.

2. Find your dream work overseas

Confidence and capability is king when applying for new job. When finding a job overseas, you’ll need to be especially prepared and armed with the right strategy. Start by searching for some local job sites in your destination. Next, refresh your candidate profile with important international information and global mindset (read more here about obtaining an international job offer).

3. Prepare for your overseas relocation

After landing your job, it’s time to get moving! You’ll have to pack up your life and take as much as you can with you. Here’s a guide containing all the steps for planning your overseas relocation. As you’ll see, it’s important to pack your essential items first, prioritize family and friends and ensure that you organise key relocation details as early as you can.

4. Explore your new home

When you arrive, celebrate! You have much to explore, see and do. Every step you take is part of your brand new journey, in both your career and travel experiences. Personally, I’ve spent the last few months exploring Europe as much as I can, while excitedly building my career. This is a future that can be yours, if you’re passionate and determined.

Work overseas by planning early

Overall, finding a way to work overseas will be a journey in itself for you. Remember that you’ll need to:

  1. Pick where you want to work
  2. Get an international job offer from a company willing to sponsor you
  3. Organise your work visa
  4. Book flights and prepare to move overseas
  5. Take time to enjoy time at home so you don’t feel homesick

The sooner you start planning, the sooner your dream of working overseas will become a reality. Good luck! I would love to hear your story or questions about how to work overseas as an expatriate – tell me about it in the comments below.