The ultimate checklist for moving overseas

Are you thinking about working and moving overseas? Here’s an exhaustive list of absolutely everything you need to think about, from start to finish.
The high level process is:

  • Research where you’d like to live and work
  • Obtain the job you want (here’s how to acquire your job offer)
  • Organise your visa/work permit and passport
  • Pack up your life and research more about your new home
  • Arrive and get settled in!
The timings suggested below are relative to your intended date of leaving, or after arrival. For example, 6 months before leaving, or 1 week after arrival.
What? When? Why?
Future employment role & location  6 mths before  Find out the best places for you to work.
Passport 5 mths before Check your passport for its expiry and any damage, or organise a new one. Visa applications will require a passport, which can be difficult with one that expiries within two years.
Flights Job contract signed Flights should always be booked as soon as possible, reducing the cost. Research to find out if there are regular sales to your destination.
Residency visa, work permit Job contract signed Government agencies can take months to process applications. Residency visas or work permits should be organised as soon as possible.
Luggage 2-3 mths before Buy any extra luggage items you need, eg. backpack or carry-on suitcase. Keep an eye out for sales!
Car hire 3 mths before Consider pre-booking a hire car in your destination when you first arrive. For a couple of days or as long as you feel comfortable, it’s very useful to help you move around and organise what you need when public transport is tricky.
Taxes 3 mths before Check your tax obligations at home and abroad, file a tax return if you need to. Don’t forget that tax years might be different between the two countries, which can be very favourable for you – take advantage of it.

.. and there’s another 35+ tasks to think about. Don’t worry, I’ve done all the hard work for you.

See below to download the full overseas relocation checklist. You can add in your own custom items, too.
If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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