Why I’m leaving Australia

In two weeks, I’ll leave my home of twenty eight years. I’ll depart on a new journey not out of necessity, but in search of culture and adventure. Here, a new chapter begins.

Australians are born to travel. We grow up in leafy suburbs, playing with immediate family, cousins and schoolmates during the week. Our large backyards allow us to kick around footballs and throw Frisbees. We divebomb into swimming pools.

The weather ranges from dry and hot, to warm and humid. Beaches and barbecues fill our weekends, for which we travel far and wide. We routinely take road trips with our families along the beautiful Australian coastline, or enjoy camping in national parks. Life is good as a kid in Australia.

With each school that Australian kids attend in our young and impressionable years, we all encounter unique cultures. Our schools are filled with students whose families originate from all over the world; Chinese, Italian, Sri Lankan, and Canadian are just a small selection. The global shenanigans of personalities like Hamish & Andy inspire us. In class, we’re instructed in great detail of international wildlife and natural wonders. At the cinemas, we watch Hollywood blockbusters describing faraway places that we dream of at night. All of this gives us great insights into this amazing planet.

Australians are born to travel. In our adolescent years and early careers we often take gap years, exploring the world. Sometimes we visit our closer neighbours; New Zealand for skiing (and sheep-spotting), or Fiji for jetskiing. On other occasions, we travel to the far reaches of our planet, such as France for their delicious cheeses or Canada for their inquisitive bears. If you visit a ski lodge in Canada, you will find more Australians there than Canadians or any other nation. We make lifelong friends all over the world.

When we’re back home, we excitedly encounter the culinary presence of almost every nation. Our streets are filled with restaurants of every cuisine imaginable; Mexican, Thai, French, even Ethiopian. Australia is a haven of unique experiences. We have regular festivals in which we celebrate the different connections between Australia, its inhabitants, and their heritage. Each of them are brilliant experiences and an inspiration for traveling overseas while building a career.

For now, I leave this great place and young nation, in search of the source of Australia’s diversity. I harbour a desire to fully immerse myself in each culture and its customs – not just taste ramen, but spend a day with Japanese monks and participate in a Shinto ceremony. Not just sample authentic tapas, but to dance through the night in the streets of Granada. To witness the beauty of a sunset in Florence.

Basing myself amongst the friendly folk in Ireland, I’ll enjoy a snowy winter of merriment in their pubs. In the spring, I’ll explore their scenic castles and green rolling hills. On the weekends, I will take a brief hop over the sea and explore ancient ruins in Spain, search for soulful meaning in my Italian heritage, and enjoy German hospitality. The list is endless, as is the Australian love of travel. Australians are born to travel. You just haven’t realised your true calling yet.

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