Living and working abroad: do you have what it takes?

It’s possible for anyone to live and work abroad, with the right information and determination. However, make no mistake: it isn’t as simple as packing your bags. There are many factors to consider. Do you have what it takes to live and work abroad? Take this test and find out.

The test is designed to check your knowledge and passion – if you don’t know the answer to a question, now’s your opportunity to research it!

1.How excited are you for a change in everyday scenery and routine?
2.How passionate are you for working abroad, traveling and experiencing new cultures?
3.Are you a working professional with a unique (or in-demand) skillset? Good examples are medical, financial or engineering professionals.
4.Do you have a degree or other professional certification?
5.Have you saved at least six months worth of salary, as working abroad emergency funds?
6.Have you researched exactly where you want to work abroad?
7.Do you have a detailed understanding of the work permit and visa laws, for the country you want to live and work abroad in?
8.Does your potential work abroad country have many available jobs in your profession or line of work?
9.How confident are you, in your ability to obtain a job abroad now?
10.Are your professional profiles (LinkedIn, your resume) internationally focused, with international contact details and availability for working abroad?
11.Do you have a detailed understanding of health, social services and taxes in the country that you want to work abroad in?
12.Do you have an accommodation (location) and transport (public/car) plan for your work abroad country?
13.Are you prepared to be regularly absent from family & friend events like birthdays and holidays?
14.If you have any family that will relocate with you, are they well prepared financially and mentally?
15.Are you prepared to store or relocate all of your personal belongings in order to live and work abroad?
16.Are you in good health, and do you expect to remain in good health?
17.Are you ready to work abroad and relocate your entire life now, for career and travel adventure?