101 amazing reasons to work and travel in Europe

Europe is undoubtedly one of the most culturally rich places on Earth. Whether you’re looking to work and travel in Europe or already are, here’s 101 new inspirations to work and travel around Europe as an expat.

Travel inspiration in Europe

Let’s start with some classic travel inspiration – perfect for weekend trips while working full-time, or extended summer holidays.

1. Discover one of the last remaining medieval castle cities in Carcassonne, France

2. Gaze upon the Northern lights in Norway

3. Sail around Croatia in a relaxing yacht

4. Check out some of the crazy and unexpected events going on in London

5. Fall in love with the eternally romantic places in Paris

6. Explore the birthplace of great English authors and playwrights, including Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and the Bronte sisters

7. See the inspiration for Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale stories in Denmark, for example the Little Mermade, including the King’s Garden

8. Visit the legendary Matterhorn in Switzerland

9. Navigate through the winding Furka Pass and around the Swiss Alps

10. Cruise through the Greek Islands in style

11. Pay your respects in the revered Vatican city and Sistine Chapel

12. Explore the famous red square in Moscow

13. Island hop around the incredible Mallorca, Ibiza and other Balearic Islands

14. See the beautiful city of Istanbul

15. Wander around the rustic and beautiful old town squares of Krakow and Warsaw in Poland

16. Drive through the picturesque Dingle Peninsula along the western coast of Ireland

17. Discover a fortified castle in Bouillon, along the Belgian-French border

18. Catch the breathtaking train to the top of Germany, Zugspitze (Germany/Austria)

19. Drive around the dense and beautiful black forest, Germany

20. Express awe at the fairytale Neuschwanstein castle and the local Bavarian Museum, near Fuessen, Germany

21. Witness the unique Gaudi architecture in Spain

22. Take a well-deserved beach holiday in Portugal

23. Drive through the must-see Ring of Kerry and visit the Skelligs along the southwestern coast of Ireland

24. See the gorgeous city of Florence and its museums

25. Explore Venice and get a bird’s eye view from the bell tower

All of this – and much more – is within just a few hours flight of each other. Isn’t that simply amazing? As a bonus for reading this far, here’s my personal recommendation to check out medexperience.com – they offer brilliant tours of Croatia and the Greek Islands by sailboat, luxury bus and more.

Let’s digress briefly and discuss the diverse career opportunities.

Work opportunities in Europe

Take your pick of one of the best cities to work in Europe in 2016

26. Gain professional butler training in England or the Netherlands

27. Achieve greatness at a large service corporation like IBM, eBay or LinkedIn in Ireland.

28. Show your monetary prowess in the international financial services hubs, London, Bristol or many others

29. Reveal your arty side in Berlin, with companies like SoundCloud

30. Find your dream startup, with the growing startup industry all over Europe, particularly Amsterdam

31. Work in Denmark, the happiest and most liveable country in the world

32. Perfect your culinary skills at an esteemed French restaurant or patisserie, or pick from a number of other dream jobs in France

33. Be at the forefront of global pharmaceutical research in Swiss, German and UK companies

34. Bring your Engineering expertise to companies like Bridgestone, Mobil and more

35. Find a professional English-speaking job in one of the most prosperous countries in the world, Sweden

Naturally, research for your specific industry and professional skillset will reveal your true potential European job opportunities. Regardless, a diverse professional career is not the only experience you’ll gain in Europe.

Cultural experiences in Europe

36. Watch a Flamenco dance (and join in if you wish)

37. Dance, skate and be merry at the Christmas markets all over Europe – particularly Germany, Norway or even Poland

38. Tour Norway’s snowy tundras via dog sledding

39. Admire Scandinavian architectural and homeware design in Denmark and Finland

40. Experience the craic in an Irish pub

41. Beer, bratwurst and the band at Oktoberfest in Munich

42. Catch a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia in Turkey

43. Travel by high-speed train and cross several country borders (e.g. London to Paris, Munich to Amsterdam, Zurich to Prague)

44. Try your luck in punting at Oxford

45. Wear a kilt the traditional way in Scotland

46. Witness art at its finest in the Edinburgh festival

47. Hike the wondrous Dolomites in Italy

48. Experience ‘la Tomatina’ or running of the bulls in Spain

49. Relive the war history in Warsaw, Poland

50. Venture into the Eisriesenwelt ice cave system in Austria.

51. Decipher Greek artifacts in Ancient Athens

52. Slide through the underground Hallstatt salt mines

53. Navigate a volcanic region filled with steaming mud pools and geysers

54. Dwell on the past in an ancient Italian city filled with caves

55. Take an affordable ski trip in Lithuania

56. Impress yourself with your skills in cheese rolling in England

57. Listen to the crowd roar at a Gaelic football match (or play it yourself!)

58. Bounce around in a game of Bossaball

59. Learn about the life of a reindeer in Finland, or try your hand at a wife carrying competition

60. Be free in a traditional Roman bath in Baden-baden

61. Pick mushrooms on a rustic train ride through Romania

62. Also in Romania, be afraid in the strangest, haunted forest you’ll ever see.

63. Go on the prowl for wolves in Skinnskatteberg

64. Stay warm in an ice or igloo hotel

65. Learn to play the massive alphorn

66. Embark on one of the most breathtaking walks in the world

67. Alternatively, feel the wind in your hair with a cycling tour around the Pyrenees, France

68. Create Belgium chocolate in the only place you should

69. Get some good quality rest in Slovenia

70. Make a wish in the middle of a peaceful Slovenian church, surrounded by a lake

71. Land some fresh fish in one of the many fishing villages in Norway

72. Pay tribute to Stonehenge on the summer solstice

73. Baffle yourself in a Soviet-era bunker tour in Moscow

74. Go swimming by horseback

75. Consider this unique list of European festivals, and this list of off-the-beaten-track experiences. The possibilities are excitingly endless!

Tasteful delights in Europe

76. Pour a Paulaner beer in Germany, Leffe beer in Belgium, Guinness in Ireland, and more (peruse them all here)

77. Chocolates, waffles and mussels in Belgium

78. Guinness Stew in Dublin, Ireland

79. Wurst (sausage) and vinegar potato salad in Munich, Germany

80. French wine, including the original Champagne

81. Warm up to a winter hot glass of Gluhwein in Germany or Austria

82. Taste some haggis in Scotland, if you dare

83. Enjoy a Greek platter and Ouzo by the blue waters in Greece

84. Devour some Polish dumplings and potato cakes

85. Delicious tapas in Spain

86. Pizza and pasta in the motherland, Italy

87. Cheeses and croissants in France

88. High tea in England with clotted cream

89. Try escargot or other unusual dishes in the French delicacy capital, Paris

90. Sample moules frites in Brussels

91. Become a seafood lover by savouring smoked salmon or fiskesuppe in Norway

92. Order bouillabaisse in Southern France, perhaps Marseille

93. As the biggest beer consumers in the world, you have to have a few Czech pivos with klobasy

94. Dine in total darkness in Berlin

95. Fine-dine in style with a Michelin-starred restaurant in London

96. Find some traditional paella in Spain

97. Wake up to a classic cold meat and cheese buffet in Belgium

98. Brave some percebes in Portugal

99. Salivate over a Hungarian goulash

100. Don’t forget to try Gazpacho, the famous Spanish cold soup

101. Be spoilt for choice sampling slow cooked or grilled meats in Sofia, Bulgaria

As you can see, although it took us a while to build this list for you, a list of 100 is just the beginning. European culture has evolved and shaped the world for countless generations. Why don’t you tell us about the top European experiences on your list?

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